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Dust Control Products That Work

We tested our dust control products Top-Seal ™, on a military tank trail located at Fort Hood, Texas. There were many of the big names there as well. (if you ask we will tell you)  We wont name names but we can assure you, you know who they are and their results are pictured below along with ours.

Our product Top-Seal (Often Imitated Never Duplicated) sits on the leading edge of technology for products specifically designed with dust control, road dust control, soil stabilization, erosion control and soil permeability enhancement as the end objective.  For more information regarding Top-Seal please visit our main product page.

Our Fugitive Dust products are the only ones that stood up to the tanks

SCI Dust Control Products

Before Our Dust Control products were applied

Dust Abatement

After Our Dust Control Products were applied


The following pictures will show how well our product can be expected to perform in an extremely challenging environment. The photos were taken approximately six weeks after an initial application of our dust control products and after many days of thunderstorm activity and heavy tank traffic.

Competitor #1 Dust Control Product results
Dust Abatement

Our Dust Control Products work

There is no damage to our surface as only black tire marks are visible from sudden braking, our competitor started to fail after the first test.Competitor #2 Dust Control ProductDust Abatement

Our Dust Control products stay tough

Soon it was obvious that our product had what it took to take care of not only the Dust abatement but the soil stabilization to prevent the destruction of the road due to heavy tank traffic.Dust Abatement

Haul Road Dust Control

Our Haul Road Dust Control products are for extreme conditions where dust aabatement is more difficult for other products due to the higher and heavier traffic  This program uses higher concentrations of our Dust Suppression Sealant and Stabilizer, Top-Seal ™, to control dust pollution on haul roads or any other area with extremely heavy traffic, such as truck parking lots and staging areas.

The Program uses our proprietary product Top-Seal ™, as a powerful, environmentally safe, liquid soil binder that permanently attaches itself to dust particles and tightly binds them together so that they will be heavy and rendered incapable of becoming airborne. Simply dilute Top-Seal ™, with water in a water truck, then evenly distributed into the soil. A curing process will irreversibly transform a mixture of our dust control formula Top-Seal ™, dust, and aggregate into a permanently hardened membrane. Occasional maintenance applications, as needed, will control dust pollution on a permanent basis. The maintenance program for the Dust abatement with Top-Seal ™, is a simple reapplication of a higher dilution. These maintenance applications will allow you to maintain dust control for years to come. Visit our Top-Seal ™, Haul Road Dust Control products Page

The following images will show you results that are possible with our Top-Seal ™, Dust Control Abatement on a major Haul Road in north Texas Before Our Top-Seal ™ Application

Top-seal Works for Dust Control

Our Haul Road Dust Control Products On the cover of Aggregates Manager, The Picture was taken Six Months after the initial application

Soil Stabelization and haul road 

Featured on the cover of Aggregates Manager, a re-labeled version of  our product Top-Seal ™, was internationally recognized for its excellent performance in controlling dust pollution on a major haul road in North Texas, USA. The "Before" photo shows the haul road prior to treatment with this product, and the magazine cover shows the same road approximately 6 months later, Our Dust Control Products Work

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